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  • Photolog Thailand #2-Langkawi to Phuket and Similan islands

  • Photolog Thailand #1-Phang Nga Bay and some more islands
  • Photolog Sebana Cove/Jahore/Malaysia to Patong Beach/Phuket/Thailand 27.12.2005
  • Photolog Benoa/Bali to Jahore/Malaysia 03.12.2005
  • Photolog Maumere/Flores to Benoa/Bali 10.10.2005
  • Photolog Darwin/Australia to Flores/Indonesia 14.08.2005
  • Photolog Cairns to Darwin 03.08.05
  • Photolog Airlie Beach to Cairns 28.06.05
  • Photolog Whitsunday Islands 30.05.05
  • Photolog Gladstone to Airlie Beach20.05.05
  • Photolog Sebana Cove/Jahore/Malaysia to Patong Beach/Phuket/Thailand 27.12.2005

    4 weeks repairs in a 5 star marina and golf resort. Because noisy or dirty work is not allowed in the marina I got my own leprosy colony on the other side. They gave me a floating pontoon, power and water-what else do you want?

    The bow after removal of everything loose

    Like an ostrich i'd better hide my head in the sand

    Ready for the paint job


    View from my working place at sunset

    Out of hygienic reasons it couldn't become my new pet-i just couldn't stand her shitting all over the place

    Two times I went to Singapore by ferry for a change.

    Locky, Philippe and I: We rather travel on the roof


    haven't seen any hippies in Singapore but this bugger

    Luckily Philippe mentioned that he'd like to go sailing with his girlfriend over the weekend. That was exactly what I needed-competent crew and a fixed date for departure. We're leaving the following week end.

    Philippe and Martina

    Of course a bit late, because we had to party on Friday night.
    As a little shock therapy for me, as a collision victim, we're doing Singapore harbour at night.

    We're reaching the harbour area at nightfall

    In one go we're sailing up to the Water Islands in front of Malacca.

    A little swim before going back home to KL

    Malaysian asset with 5 guests

    From there Philippe and Martina are taking the ferry to Malacca and I'm going further on to Port Klang/Kuala Lumpur again single handedly.

    The pretty tugs of K.L.!

    After a good nights sleep I decided to do the passage to Georgetown/Penang in one go.
    After leaving the harbour I wasn't that sure any more if this was the right decision. I haven't seen such a concentration of fishing boats during the entire trip through Asia. Fishing boats and nets are so dense that I'm escaping into the main ships channel. But not for long. The next cargo facing some oncoming traffic chases me right out of the shipping lane with it's horn. 16 hours later, having a presumably clear passageway in front, I set my alarm clock on 25 minutes for having a short nap.
    I'm woken up by the yelling of the fishermen passing in a distance of 40 cm from the cockpit 23 minutes later. I'm wide awake until I drop anchor at the junk anchorage of Georgetown.


    Georgetown, a buzzing harbour town reminiscent to Singapore 30 years ago. Malaysians seem to be a minority here. The city is mainly chinese and indian. Food stalls and street vendors filling the streets until late night.




    I got caught by this marvellous city of the east for one week until I head off to my last destination in Malaysia, Langkawi

    Finally a place again where you want to be with a boat. Steep cliffs, secluded bays and clean water. Only the visibility under water could be better.
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    At least the fishing boats serve for a good photo


    View from the anchorage in southern Langkawi

    Kuah itself is good for dining out and shopping. Apart from this it's pretty boring-the majority are Malaysian muslims. But it was great because I met some friends I haven't seen for years and caught up with Zazen. We're just having a great time until I'm leaving for Phuket December25.

    Two days later I'm arriving in Phuket/Thailand, take Kathy and Mary aboard and start exploring this beautiful part of the world.