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  • Photolog Thailand #2-Langkawi to Phuket and Similan islands

  • Photolog Thailand #1-Phang Nga Bay and some more islands
  • Photolog Sebana Cove/Jahore/Malaysia to Patong Beach/Phuket/Thailand 27.12.2005
  • Photolog Benoa/Bali to Jahore/Malaysia 03.12.2005
  • Photolog Maumere/Flores to Benoa/Bali 10.10.2005
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  • Photolog Benoa/Bali to Jahore/Malaysia

    Freedom Fargo before crossing the Equator and a few changes in her appearance

    Another single handed trip, which wasn't really planned like one. A less than perfect situation for my friend Locky and me. Already quite late for doing this trip and no crew in sight we had to bring our boats across the equator and the Java Sea to reach Thailand.

    One of hundreds of vessels which crossed my way through the Java Sea

    From Bali we've started on Ocotber 12 to go in two day trips to Gili Aire

    Locals fishing in Benoa/Bali

    Gili Aire, a small tourist island catering for backpackers with a very relaxed atmosphere...

    Sunrise in Gili Aire with the stunning view of the vulcanoes of Lombok #1


    But we are in a hurry. Still hoping for some favourable winds we're leaving this beautiful island already after two days.

    And really, there is some favourable wind. For 5 hours...

    Then it calms down and turns to the NW. After 24h we reach Kangean. Time for a good sleep before we take off for the first longer trip to Kumai/Borneo The weather forecast we're getting is totally random. Instead of having some light winds out of the SE we've got light winds alternating with heavy sqalls on the nose. 70 miles from land we're confronted with anchored fishing vessels. The chart says 50m depth, the sounder 10m...really relaxing.

    Amidst the Java Sea...

    ...anchoring fishing boats


    Asian Traffic

    From Kumai we're going to Serutu in an easy trip using mostly the iron wind. To kill the time we're starting to play frisbee from boat to boat, throwing chocolate at each other and what else stupid ideas we've got.

    "Adam" throwing chocolate

    ...and other silly ideas for killing the time

    After a good nights sleep we're heading for Batam

    thunder storm

    Heaps of squalls, poor visibility and more and more traffic.
    Shortly before sunrise the engine alarm goes off. Overheated. The only thing I didn't change in Bali. Until 6.00 am it's changed. From port and aft there is a cargo vessel coming up. I've got two times right of way and I'm pretty sure it's able to see me. I'm going down below to keep my radio appointment with Locky.

    After a quick talk, assuring everything is alright, I turn off the radio and lean back for a minute to relax.
    Not for long...
    The most violent shock is going through the boat. What the hell is going on??? After reaching decks level I see this massive freighter just in front of me, exhausting a big black cloud of diesel fumes. The captain of the vessel, obviousely realizing that he acted wrong, just puts the lever on the table to disappear as fast as possible.

    The freighter had cut off my way but luckily it was almost through, before Freedom Fargo hit it in the back. If that one would have hit me in the side, Freedom Fargo would have sunk and me probably found a wet grave in the Java Sea...

    The first I can see, or better to say can't see, is the bow sprit, which is gone. Standing on the bow I can see the results of the impact. Underneath the former bow sprit, the bow looks pretty mashed but with no visible hole. Further down, about 30cm above the waterline, there is literally a corner broken out of the bow.
    In this area Freedom Fargo is two inch solid glass fibre. A hard dash reminds me of the anchor, which together with the broken part of the bowsprit is hitting against the hull. Half an hour and some squeezed fingers later the whole bundle is up and secured.

    Ready to go

    The very same day Freedom Fargo and I will cross the equator the second time.

    Sometimes it's difficult to enjoy the sunset...

    ...but I can count on my friends. When I'm really down they pass by to cheer me up

    On October 31. I'm crossing the Singapore Straits and moor the boat in Sebana Cove Marina.
    Now the adventure really starts: How to bring my boat in shape again in the middle of nowhere...